I have been in the hair and beauty scene for over ten years, it's been my dream to open a salon since I started working in the industry, and finally, it has come true. Making a client feel special and beautiful is my number one goal and also being able to provide a professional service that brings smiles and excitement to my clients is what I believe is the Penny Kay motto.

I am blessed with two beautiful girls Penny and Kaya and a loving partner Tau. This is where the salon name Penny Kay originates from. Becoming a mother has taught me the values of family and becoming a role model in my daughters' eyes. 


​I strive for happiness, integrity and love as well as being surrounded by loving family and friends. Being able to combine these values with what I do as a profession is what I strive for.

I look forward to meeting you and hoping you get to experience the Penny Kay Salon!

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